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Apple stages 90M initial production run for iPhone 6s/6s Plus, report claims

The Wall Street Journal mostly upholds speculation of a recent mass-manufacturing outset, with September eyed as a commercial ETA and record-setting sales on deck by the year’s end.

iPhone 6s concept

More than a meaningless slogan, “the sky is the limit” has essentially become Cupertino’s game plan heading into new additions to the iPhone roster. It used to be the same for iPads, and the Apple Watch was expected to similarly lead the way of mainstream successful wearable devices.

That didn’t exactly happen, but Tim Cook can look forward to an iterative iPhone upgrade at least as profitable as the latest full-number family elevation. Probably more lucrative, since component suppliers have reportedly been asked to yield enough parts for between 85 and 90 million 6s and 6s Plus units to come into being this year.

Yes, this year alone, although that doesn’t necessarily mean Apple forecasts 90 mil 6s/6s Plus shipments in a little over three months. That wouldn’t be record-breaking, it’d be madness, given the entire iPhone clan then available posted 74.5M sales in the fiscal quarter ending December 27, 2014.

iPhone 6 6 Plus

Obviously, it’s good to be prepared, unlike we know who, and back when the first-gen “iPhablets” kicked off production, the number of copies required from Apple’s component partners circled 75 million. Hence, even if on the outside the “new” and “old” iPhones will probably look the same, the screen resolution bumps and internal enhancements may justify a close to 15 percent demand increase.

Let’s not forget the rumored fresh coat of paint, corroborated by WSJ without specifics on the shade, Force Touch technology adoption and multiple camera improvements. Bizarrely, the slim profiles will purportedly swell a little, perhaps signaling heftier batteries and muscular aluminum constructions.

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