Apple’s new campus will set new environmental standards and will have plenty of green space.


Apple is building a second campus where HP’s Pruneridge campus used to be in Cupertino, California and given the rather unorthodox design it’s colloquially referred to as the “spaceship.”

A video giving the first sneak peak of the campus was first shown to a city planning commission meeting back in October last year. Apple has now published a higher quality version online for all to see. It introduces the team behind Apple Campus 2, particularly architect Norman Foster and Senior Arborist David Muffly.

[youtube id=”YBGx57T0IWM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Foster reveals in the video that he was contacted “out of the blue” by late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs for help on this project. Jobs wanted him to be thought of as part of the team and not just a client. Jobs wanted the new campus to reflect the orchard landscapes he remembered growing up with as a child in Cupertino. Foster recalls in the video that at first the building wasn’t designed to be circular but it simply grew into that idea.

Muffly, the Senior Arborist, talks about the idea behind Apple Campus 2, which is to “bring California back to Cupertino.” Most existing trees at the site right now are poorly adapted to the environment so Apple plans to transplant the strongest trees as well as plant “even more resilient species.” The company is confident that by the time construction gets finished 80 percent of Apple’s new campus is going to be a “green space.” Essentially the idea is to have one big building with a great park, which the architect claims was borne out of a very intensive process.

Renewable energy will be heavily relied upon. Lisa Jackson, the VP of Environmental Initiatives at Apple, reveals that 75 percent of the year won’t require heating or air conditioning. When its absolutely needed, heating and air conditioning systems will be run on 100 percent renewable energy. Jackson also claims that Apple Campus 2 will be “one of the largest solar arrays in the world.”

Apple expects to finish construction on its new campus by 2016. The new campus will house tens of thousands of Apple employees. The existing HQ at One Infinite Loop will remain functional as well.

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