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Apple Sept. 10 iPhone event invites might be sent out later today

It has been rumored time and again that Apple will conduct its iPhone event this year on September 10. It seems that the company might finally roll out press invites today, which will finally put an end to such rumors. 


At its iPhone event this year, Apple is expected to launch two new smartphones, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. This is something it has never done before, Apple has traditionally released only one iPhone every year, ever since the original iPhone was launched back in 2007. The iPhone 5C is going to be Apple’s first ever budget smartphone, which analysts believe might become a major hit in markets such as China and India.

Quite a few sources claimed that the event would take place on September 10. The date was floated for the first time back in July, since then no report or rumor has contradicted it. Apple is yet to issue an official statement regarding its iPhone event, however when news outlets start receiving invites, it is then known for sure when the event is actually going to take place. In what appears to be a slip up, The Verge published a story about receiving invites to an Apple event on September 10 earlier today. The story was pulled shortly after it appeared online without any explanation.

If they really did jump the gun, then it seems that invites will be rolled out later today. Apple usually sends out invites a week before the event, so today seems just about right. You’ll be immediately updated when the final word regarding invites is received.

Source: The Verge

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