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Apple Says Nokia is Conspiring with Patent Trolls to Sue It

Nokia struck the first blow in its patent wars against Apple, in both the United States and Germany. Now, Apple is responding to these infringement lawsuits. Nokia claims that Apple has infringed over 30 of its patents, out of the thousands it holds and Apple thinks that this move, is a conspiracy between Nokia and patent trolls. These trolls are also known as patent assertion entities.

“With its cell phone business dying, Nokia began to seek out willing conspirators and to commence its illegal patent transfer scheme in full force; that scheme has continued in full effect to the present”, Apple

Out of these patent trolls, Acacia and Conversant are known to be this lawsuit’s chief drivers.

In essence, what Apple believes to be going on is that Nokia is giving away its patents to firms that are willing to sue Apple for any infringement it has made. The only problem is that most of these patent trolls own thousands of patents but they don’t really intend to use them, which spells disaster for innovation and progress in the tech industry.

The problem for Apple here is that Nokia does actually own a lot of patents, which Apple probably might have infringed on a few, and as Nokia readies its new line of mobile devices and charges into the fray, it’s sure to try and flex its muscles quite a bit.

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