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Apple rumored to increase iPad Air 2 RAM to 2GB

As per the latest rumor regarding Apple’s next generation tablet it is going to have double the amount of RAM that the iPad Air currently has.


Last year Apple released the iPad Air. It brought a handful of design changes for the tablet which brings its look and feel in line with the iPad mini with Retina display. The new tablet also had a faster processor however the amount of RAM as compared to its predecessor remained the same, 1GB.

So its certainly interesting to hear that the iPad Air 2 might have twice the amount of RAM as the original iPad Air. This is the first we have heard of the possibility of 2GB RAM in this tablet. Previous rumors about this tablet have hinted about the possibility of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor which has been reiterated in the latest report. Apple’s new A8 processor is expected to power this tablet.

If this does happen users will notice an obvious increase in speed. There will be more memory available for apps and background tasks, and it is also possible that this upgrade may enable the split-screen app feature in iOS 8 that we have heard about. The feature may enable users to run two applications simultaneously on their iPad Air 2 albeit in landscape mode.

The report does mentioned that its not likely for the second generation iPad mini with Retina display to have double the amount of RAM as well. Presumably the increase will only be limited to the iPad Air 2. Apple’s new tablets are expected to be launched this October.

Source: TechNews.tw

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