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Apple Retail Chief Angela Ahrendts Departs

Angela Ahrendts is one of Apple’s most valuable employees, reportedly out-earning all senior staff, including even Tim Cook at a point. Coming from Burberry where she had served as CEO, Ahrendts had revolutionised the business with her extensive experience in several capacities in the fashion industry.

Angela Ahrendts introducing “Today at Apple” at the 2018 October Apple keynote event. Image: Screengrab from video

With her lengthy experience, Ahrendts had reimagined Apple retail outlets, transforming them into community spaces filled with gatherings, activities and masterclasses. “Today at Apple”, an initiative Ahrendts had imaged for the brands’ retail identity, continues to go strong with a line-up of events in Apple Stores in cities around the world.

As Senior Vice President of Retail, Ahrendts took over the baton from John Browett in 2014, who had left a tumultuous legacy in his wake of a months-long stint in the position. Deirdre O’Brien, who is the existing Senior Vice President of People, will subsume Ahrendts’ portfolio under her wing.

Despite her expertise in human resources, Apple has deemed fit to transfer the sensitive portfolio of Retail internally, with her title changing to “senior vice president of Retail + People”. O’Brien had previously also been involved in the supply chain management of Apple products as head of Worldwide Sales and Operations at the company.

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