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Apple reportedly working on two iPhones with larger and curved displays

A new report claims that Apple is currently working on two new iPhone models with larger displays that curve at the bottom.


The larger screen bit doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. Apple has long been rumored to be testing iPhones with various display sizes. The company is expected to launch a smartphone next year with a larger display. This particular report, coming out of Bloomberg, suggests that two iPhones are pegged for release in the second half of 2014. These two new iPhones are said to tout the largest displays Apple has ever put on an iPhone, 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

These two new iPhones are going to have displays that curve downward at the edges, the report says, citing a person “familiar with the plans.” Furthermore, it is also said that the displays will have sensors which will be able to discern heavy or light touches on the display. Pressure sensitive sensors could open up a whole new usage dynamic, they can particularly be of use for gaming, and Apple’s tilt towards mobile gaming is evident in iOS 7 as it brings support for third-party gaming controllers.

The report goes on to say this technology might not be ready in time for the next iPhone’s release, so its expected that the company might push it off to a later date. Apple broke away from tradition earlier this year by launching two iPhones together, so it wouldn’t shock anyone if Apple continues with the same trend in 2014 as well.

Source: Bloomberg

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