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Apple reportedly working on self-driving electric car

Check your mirrors, Tesla.


Over the last week multiple reports have been published claiming that Apple has started working on an electric car. The company has reportedly poached many employees from electric car manufacturer Tesla and wants to step in a market in which many major tech companies are showing interest.

Google was one of the first major tech companies to come out with a comprehensive plan for self-driving cars. The company even has a prototype of its own design that doesn’t feature pedals. Google is testing its self-driving car prototype and intends to put such vehicles on the roads a few years from now.

Conventional car manufacturers are also working on such technologies which goes to show that the next battle for market share in the auto market will be fought between conventional manufacturers and tech giants.

Reuters reports today that not only is Apple’s car going to be all electric but its also going to be self-driving. Autonomous driving features are now considered to be the future so wouldn’t be surprising to see Apple’s car have this feature.

On the other hand Tesla too has promised to come out with a self-driving car. Plus it already has years of market experience over Apple when it comes to manufacturing and selling electric cars in the market, but that certainly won’t be enough to hold the Cupertino company back.

If Apple really does enter this market then the competition is really going to get tough for Tesla which is already feeling the pressure from Google, and even Chevrolet, which recently announced the production of its all electric car called the Chevrolet Bolt.

Source: Reuters

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