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Apple reportedly working on its own internet TV service

Will go up against the likes of Sony and Dish.


For the past few years we have been hearing rumors that Apple is going to build a full fledged TV set. It hasn’t done that. The company hasn’t even updated its Apple TV set-top box for a couple of years now. According to a new report Apple’s renewed focus on the television business could take a completely different form.

Apple is reportedly in talks with TV programmers about deals that would allow the company to run its own internet TV service which wouldn’t require a conventional pay TV service. Over-the-top internet TV services are gradually becoming popular, and many companies are now jumping in the arena, trying to capture the millennial market that’s more prone to stream their TV than watch it by paying for a bunch of channels that they don’t really need.

Basically what Apple would do is create bundles of programming which it would then sell to customers for a per month subscription fee. The service would have Apple’s own user interface and user experience with content coming from the conventional sources, cable and broadcast networks.

Even though talks are claimed to be in early stages Apple is reportedly showing off demos of the service to potential partners. At this stage though it is tough to figure out what Apple’s pricing strategy for this new service is going to be, and exactly how it intends to distribute it, whether the service would be exclusive to iOS, OS X and Apple TV or if the company is willing to open up to other platforms as well.

Source: Re/code

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