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Apple reportedly testing 65-inch display panels for iTV

Rumors about Apple’s elusive full-fledged HDTV set have begun once again, with the company reportedly testing 65-inch display panels for it.


For quite a few years it has been endlessly rumored that Apple wants to break into the TV market. The company itself hasn’t dropped any hints about such plans, but the rumor mill seems to be obsessed with the idea of an Apple HDTV set better known as the iTV. Several reports last year claimed that the launch may have been pushed back by as much as two years.

The Korea Herald hears that Apple has requested 65-inch display panels from a Korean manufacturer which may be put towards the manufacturing of iTV. The rumor doesn’t give the manufacturer’s name, so its unclear right now who is going to provide the panels. It also claims that around 2 million iTVs with 65-inch and 77-inch liquid crystal displays were expected to hit the market in the second half of 2014.

Apparently several Apple employees visited the manufacturer in October 2013 and delayed the plans until 2014. This would explain multiple reports from last year claiming that Apple TV set plans had been delayed. This may merely be circumstantial, and given the fact that no concrete evidence is available as yet, it is best to take these rumors with a grain of salt.

There have actually been contradicting rumors about Apple’s TV plans for this year. Some believe that a new Apple TV set-top box is on the way, and that it will get a separate App Store and will also support gaming. Others believe that Apple is working on an internet TV service which could be the stepping stone for its entry into the broader TV market. Whatever the case maybe, Cupertino certainly isn’t talking.

Source: The Korea Herald

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