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Apple reportedly taps Samsung and TSMC for 14-nm A9 chip production in 2015

2015 might see Apple not only diversifying its supply chain, but also adopting an advanced fabrication process for its mobile chips.

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It has long been rumored that Apple seeks to diversify its supply chain, with particular focus on its mobile chips. Samsung, Apple’s arch rival, has been a major component supplier and chip manufacturer for Cupertino and time and again it has been rumored that Apple wants to end its reliance on the South Korean company. However Samsung’s rivals in this particular business aren’t always able to beat it in production capacity, technology or pricing, which is why both companies continue to work as Apple can’t risk upsetting the entire supply chain.

The latest rumor coming in from Taiwanese trade publication Digitimes claims that the bulk of Apple’s 14nm A9 chips are going to be manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or TSMC, whereas Samsung will reportedly manufacture just 30 to 40 percent of the entire production load of these chips. The report claims that Samsung has already signed a contract with Apple for 2015. TSMC has already confirmed that it will produce A-chips for Apple next year, whereas Samsung too is expected to collaborate with Cupertino on A8 chips that are expected in next year’s mobile devices.

The current A7 chip powers a variety of iOS devices, such as the iPhone 5S, Retina iPad mini and the iPad Air. Next generations of these products could tout the 20nm chips that TSMC and Samsung and expected to manufacture for Apple in 2014. The year after that might finally bring Apple’s 14nm A9 chip.

Source: Digitimes

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