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Apple reportedly searching for genre experts to improve iTunes Radio programming

Later today, Apple will finally open up its iTunes Radio service to the public. In a bid to make the service better, Apple is reportedly searching for people who are experts in different music genres.

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The iTunes Radio service was first unveiled back at Worldwide Developers Conference 2013, which took place in June. The new service has been dubbed as a strong Pandora rival, and there’s no doubt that iTunes Radio will have to compete against the already mighty Pandora. Both services are essentially the same, they allow users to stream music to their iOS devices without needing to download it. iTunes Radio will go live later today as Apple finally releases iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to the public.

Rumor has it that Apple is searching for music programmers who have deep knowledge of different music genres like metal, alternative and Latin. These programmers will aid radio programming on featured stations that play the aforementioned genres, they’ll reportedly have to select and promote songs that are released by major and even indie record labels. Those who wish to apply for these positions must have a background in the music business and have five years of experience and knowledge in retail, radio, record labels, A&R editorial or any other music field.

These programming experts just might make Apple’s music streaming service a little bit different from its competitors. Pandora relies on user feedback and algorithms to determine which song should be played next, iTunes Radio will not only be aided by that, but may also receive significant help from these genre experts.

Source: CNET

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  1. Steve

    I-tunes started out having a balance of talk radio news stations across the political spectrum, but in the last year or 2 they have been removing conservative talk stations and adding more NPR. Soon it will all be just liberal brainwashing. Silicon Valley Sharia.

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