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Apple releases tool to free ex-iPhone users from iMessage

The tool allows iPhone users to deregister their phone number from iMessage. 


The iPhone might still be the most popular smartphone out there, but much to Apple’s contention, there are many that leave the company’s flagship behind and opt for devices running on a competing mobile OS and ecosystem. However, as it was widely criticized earlier this year, leaving the iOS ecosystem for another has been causing a major issue for many users – messages sent to their phone numbers from their friends’ or family’s iMessage accounts were failing to reach their new device, as they were still being routed to Apple’s servers.

Well, after offering a temporary fix, free telephone support to help users free their phone number from iMessage, and facing a lawsuit, Apple has quietly released a tool on its website that lets users deregister their number without any hassle. The procedure is quite simple – a user simply needs to enter his/her number, type in the confirmation code received on said number, and hit the Submit button to break all bonds with iMessage.

Apple seems to have sneaked in the deregister tool on its website without an announcement, but it shouldn’t be long before most current and ex-iPhone consumers are aware that they no longer have to face issues of disappearing messages on their phone numbers after switching to another device.


Source: SlashGear

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