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Apple refreshes the MacBook Air lineup

The 11-inch and 13-inch models have received a slight speed bump as well as a $100 price cut.


It was rumored recently that Apple might quietly announce the 2014 MacBook Air lineup today and that is exactly what has happened. The new models are now available through the online store and ship within 24 hours. Units have also arrived at the company’s brick and mortar stores.

This is the second MacBook Air refresh in under a year. The last time Apple revamped the entire lineup was in June 2013. It was a major update back then as Intel’s new Haswell processors brought amazing gains in speed and battery performance. The 2014 lineup is merely an evolutionary update in the sense that it brings the latest Haswell silicon. Nothing else has been tweaked or changed.

Entry level MacBook Air models are now slightly faster courtesy of the 1.4GHz Intel Core i5 processor that replaces the same 1.3GHz processor found on the predecessor. It retains the same 128GB of storage on the base model though it would have been nice of Apple to bump it up. RAM is kept constant at 4GB, I personally would have preferred Apple increasing it to at least 8GB. Those who want these privileges can choose to pay more by ordering a built-to-order unit from the online store. Apple didn’t even include Thunderbolt 2 connectivity in the new MacBook Air lineup.

Its safe to say that the new update is far from impressive and certainly not the MacBook Air update we have all been waiting for. Apple is actually rumored to be working on a 12-inch MacBook Air which will be ultra thin due to its fan-less assembly. This notebook will reportedly have a Retina display which would certainly blow the display on existing Airs out of the water.

Thanks to the $100 price cut the 11-inch base MacBook Air now costs $899. As a result of this cut the 13-inch model is now down to $999.

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