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Apple posts job openings for iOS mapping application developers

Well, it seems like the whole 'Apple vs Google' saga is about to enter the next stage, especially after both companies have been reported to be attempting to foil each other's business acquisitions through various methods. And with Apple posting of job openings for iOS map application developers, could this be a sign that the Cupertino company is attempting to break away from its reliance on Google's various online services, especially Google Maps?

Do you happen to have experience in developing apps for the iOS platform? Or more specifically, apps that deal with digital maps? If so, you might want to head down to Apple's website and try our luck out at employment opportunities: this is because the Cupertino giant has posted two job openings for an iOS mapping application developer and software engineer.

Both openings feature identical descriptions: essentially, the company's iOS map team is seeking out software engineers who are not only proactive and hardworking, but are also equipped with "excellent skills in object-oriented software design and programming", with real-world experience developing sophisticated user interfaces being another pre-requisite. The job description also goes on to state that the candidate must also possess excellent communication skills, as he or she will be required to liaise with Apple's human interface team to ensure consistency in the delivery of new features.

Needless to say, the job openings have fueled speculations that this is Apple's latest attempt to break away from its dependence on Google's online service, a claim which does have some degree of credibility to it. After all, Apple has recently acquired a couple of companies which specialize in the creation and implementation of digital maps on mobile consumer devices, and chances are that Apple will want to make use of the acquired technology to build a suitable alternative to Google's mapping service.

Furthermore, Apple is already well behind the curve in the implementation of digital maps on mobile devices such as smartphones, considering that its iPhone is not known to be able to function like a GPS navigational device, a feature which is available in certain Android-based smartphones. And being 'behind the curve' is a position which innovation-centric companies like Apple are known to loathe being situated in.

Of course, there is also a possibility that these job openings are nothing more than the typical recruitment drives, and that the rumour mill is reading too much into what might just be a mundane move from Apple. But we shall wait and see. 

That being said, what do you think? Could this be a sign that major things are about to take place in the way future versions of iOS will handle digital maps?

Source: Apple via ZDNet

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