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Apple planning on launching a 4-inch iPhone model next year


Looks like Apple still cares for all the loyal iPhone fans out there that aren’t too happy with the bumped up screen sizes on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models. A new report from Taiwan’s Electronic Times claims that Apple is looking at launching a new iPhone model with a 4-inch display next year for users who want a device they can use conveniently with a single hand. The report cites supply chain sources that the said device is expected to be launched in second half of next year.

Unfortunately, no other information on the device is available yet. It isn’t even clear if the new iPhone model will be a budget variant of the iPhone or be positioned around the same price-bracket as the bigger iPhone models, with very little difference hardware wise, except for the smaller display size. There are chances it could end up being similar to the iPhone 5c from last year. A 4-inch iPhone version with iPhone 6 internals and a relatively low pricing should definitely help Apple retain more of its customers, especially those that would be upgrading from an iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s.

The jump in screen size this year with the new iPhone models has been welcome but there is also a sizeable iPhone fan base that has been left disappointed because Apple didn’t launch any new iPhone model with a 4” display. Most people might be happy with the larger displays, but a lot of users have loved the iPhones for their ease of use and ergonomics due to the small screen size. However, since the source of this information doesn’t really have a proven track record with Apple rumors in the past, we suggest you take this news with the obligatory grain of salt or two.

Do you want Apple to launch a 4-inch iPhone model next year?

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