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Apple Pay users complain about being charged twice for purchases

Customers who have used a Bank of America card with this service have complained about double charging.


On Monday Apple Pay went live with the release of iOS 8.1. The launch has not gone smoothly though as already a couple of bugs have appeared. Apple has said that it is working to address the issues and hopes to fix them in the near future. One particular bug that is being noticed by Apple Pay users in the U.S. causes double charges for a purchase when the payment is made through a Bank of America card.

This issue was reported in detail even by CNN as its own correspondent, Samuel Burke, experienced the double charging bug himself. Burke saw that his Bank of America debit card had been charged twice for every purchase he had made with Apple Pay.

Burke first tried to get Bank of America to reverse the charges but they pinned the blame on Apple. On the other hand Apple said that it couldn’t do much since for security purposes it does not keep records of names or transactions of Apple Pay users.

In the end Burke was able to get the charges reversed by getting both Apple and Bank of America on the phone, but others haven’t had much luck. Bank of America maintains that this bug is not their doing while Apple has said that it is looking into the matter and will fix it soon.

Source: CNN

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