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Apple overhauls iPhone retail operations in light of an “army of new products” coming this fall

Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly met with leaders from its retail channel and discussed options for overhauling iPhone sales through retail ahead of the “army of new products” that the company is expected to release this fall.

The company is reportedly working on a new strategy to change how they market and sell the iPhone through the retail channel, and this is apparently being done to fend off competition from one of its biggest rival, the Android platform which powers a plethora of devices from a wide variety of manufacturers. The meeting that is said to have been held at Fort Mason, San Francisco, were attended by leaders of Apple Retail Stores from all around the world.

Tim Cook is said to have spoken for three hours at the event. He was reportedly not worried about Mac and iPad sales through retail, one out of every four Macs sold goes out through Apple’s Retail Store. On the other hand, 80 percent of all iPhones aren’t sold through stores. Majority of them are sold online and through carrier stores. Apple is reportedly going to offer incentives to both customers and store employees that buy and sell iPhones, an example of such an incentive is the new Back to School program. These incentives are likely to be introduced at the company’s quarterly meeting on July 8th.

One person said to have attended this meeting is cited as saying that there is an “army of new products” that the company is going to release this fall. Among the products expected are the iPhone 5S, fifth generation iPad, second generation iPad mini and quite possibly a low cost iPhone.

Source: [9to5Mac]

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