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Apple mockfest continues with hilarious iPhone 6 and Watch parodies and jabs

It took longer than expected (because the new iPhones and Apple Watch are so awesome?), but Samsung followed up on its first shy Apple attacks, joined by Asus, OnePlus and a YouTube comedy show star that’s probably not affiliated with anyone in the tech scene.

Apple Watch

A pear for an apple? A tweet bringing to mind Steve Jobs’ historic phablet-hating remark? Come on, Samsung, you can do better than that. Bigger, at least. Ask and ye shall receive, as six fresh iPhone-deriding videos are now up on Sammy Mobile’s official YouTube account.

Make that four iPhone 6-mocking clips, a fifth throwing jabs at the iWatch Apple Watch, and a more general Apple-taunting one focused on their live stream technical glitches. They each clock in at 30 seconds, so you may be tempted to binge-watch them all, but be warned, they’re a little distasteful.


Some might say cringe worthy, particularly the one about the keynote’s online stream. Personally, I very much dig the iWatch, damn it, Apple Watch spoof, even though it’s not made in very good taste either. But it perfectly and hilariously sends the message it was intended for. Specifically, that Cupertino’s wearable is useless without an iPhone.


Meanwhile, if you have two minutes to spare, and really want to laugh your behind off at Cupertino’s expense, here’s a priceless video parody from Jacksfilms:

Guess I’m not the only one having trouble with the ridiculous Apple Watch moniker. But at least we now know what the name stands for – “A Pleasantly Plump Little Electronic Watch, Android’s Terrible, Come Here”.

That said, just to have an overview of everyone trying to score free publicity off Apple’s visibility and popularity, let’s mention Asus and OnePlus also attempted to mock the iPhone 6 pair. They weren’t extremely successful, to be frank, but given the recent monumental advertising blunders of the OnePlus One, we’re glad they didn’t objectify women again or something.

OnePlus One vs iPhone 6

Asus? Well, their point is valid, namely that iPhones are horribly overpriced, but comparing them with crappy low-cost, low-end ZenFones is hardly fair. Apples and (rotten) oranges, guys.

Asus ZenFones vs Apple

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