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Apple may stick with 8MP resolution for the iPhone 6s camera

iphone-6-cameraIf you held off upgrading to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus thinking you want to wait until Apple bumps up the resolution on the rear camera, you may need to wait yet another year as an industry analyst has claimed that the Cupertino based company will stick with the 8MP resolution camera on this year’s iPhone models as well.

Taiwanese analyst Jeff Pu has claimed that the new iPhone models expected this year will not see any major upgrade with regards to the camera and nor are they likely to be any different in terms of size. So if you were expecting that Apple would cram in a bigger display on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus successors, you are likely to be disappointed. The industry analyst did not divulge any further details on why Apple isn’t moving to higher resolution cameras. As a result of the move, Lagran, one of Apple’s main camera lens suppliers is expected to face declining profits in the near future. Instead of higher resolution cameras, the focus seems to be on including new features such as optical image stabilization and faster auto focus. Unfortunately, this doesn’t benefit lens makers like Lagran, instead benefiting module makers like Sony and Omnivision.

Now, even the most respected analysts may not be accurate always, especially when it comes to Apple. However, if Jeff Pu’s information is indeed accurate, it will not be very surprising as the ‘s’ upgrades for the iPhone are subtle and do not bring major design changes. An 8MP camera also means that the iPhone 6s or 7 may not support the 4K video recording feature as the 8MP iSight module only boasts of 3264 x 2448 resolution, lower than the 4K resolution. Nevertheless, we do hope Apple will continue to add more features and improve the image processing algorithm even further.

Source: TaipeiTimes


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