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Apple may drop iPhone 5 as it begins to offer iPhone 5S and iPhone Lite later this year

Rumor has it that Apple may stop offering the iPhone 5 for sale after it launches the iPhone 5S and the much rumored iPhone Lite, presumably in September.

iPhone 5S

Recent market research has suggested that there is a huge potential market for mid-range iPhone. In the previous quarter nearly 50 percent of all iPhone sales were accounted for by iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models, despite the fact that iPhone 5 is the current generation model that is much, much better than its predecessors. Apple is reportedly considering dropping the iPhone 5 because it would already have a brand new mid-range iPhone, so offering two different iPhones at roughly the same price point is likely to stagnate growth of both models.

Furthermore, it is also claimed that the in-cell touch technology that is used in iPhone 5 displays is not profitable to manufacture at a small scale. Those who can afford a premium iPhone would definitely go for the latest iPhone 5S, those looking for a mid-range smartphone are likely to get the iPhone Lite. So to continue manufacturing costly components for iPhone 5 that isn’t performing as well would just end up costing Apple a lot of money.

It has also be claimed that iPhone Lite is going to be similar in specifications to the iPhone 5, so there’s yet another reason for Apple to discontinue iPhone 5. They’ll also discontinue the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, but that is likely to be done so as to update the entire iPhone lineup with the latest Lightening connector support. Both new iPhones are expected to be unveiled in September, with release expected towards the end of the month or in early October.

Source: [ETNews]

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