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Apple limits access to iWork for iCloud beta after an ‘overwhelming response’

Apple has started limiting access to its web-based iWork for iCloud suite’s beta program, after receiving an overwhelming response to the service from users. 


Back at WDDC in June, Apple announced it would be taking its popular iWork office suite to the cloud and allow viewing and editing of documents from a browser, taking the fight to services such as Google Docs and its other suite of web apps. Initial access was given to developers, followed by Apple employees, and finally to the general public.

However, Apple might not have anticipated the positive response iWork for iCloud would receive, and that oversight has now caused the Cupertino company to start blocking access to the service for some users. Unfortunately, thanks to that beta tag on iWork for iCloud, it’s something users will currently have to live with, though hopefully it won’t take long before Apple has enough resources to unblock access for everyone (that will probably happen around the same time iOS 7 officially rolls out).


Any of you using iWork for iCloud and getting the access denied message?

Source: 9to5Mac

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