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How Apple is likely to replace those iPhone 5s units that have manufacturing defect

It was reported recently that a number of iPhone 5s units suffer from a manufacturing defect. Apple is going to replace those units, and the procedure it is likely to follow has been explained in a new report.


Apple has already confirmed that there are iPhone 5s units out there, albeit in very limited numbers, which suffer from a manufacturing defect. This defect causes issues with the battery, which might not charge at all, might take longer to charge or might result in very low battery life. The company has already said that it is going to replace such units, a new report explains the procedure Apple is expected to follow in order to replace the defected units.

It is claimed that Apple will call customers who have these defected units. The company will know who to call because it has a list of serial numbers of the defective units. If someone who believes that they have such a unit, but don’t receive a call from Apple, can call AppleCare who will try to find if that unit’s serial number is included in the company’s list. If not, then AppleCare will troubleshoot the unit like it normally would. Customers with units that are to be replaced will receive a Genius Bar appointment, or their AppleCare advisor will set up a replacement at a local reseller. Affected customers will also have the option to get replacement units shipped to them. In such a case, Apple will also send along material for return shipping of the defective unit.

Apple hasn’t said exactly how many iPhone 5s units have this manufacturing defect, but rumor has it that the number is in the low-thousands range.

Source: 9to5Mac

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