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Is Apple leaning on Shazam to drive iTunes digital music downloads?

Amid reports that the company is trying to plug declining music sales, it appears that Apple might lean on Shazam to do just that.


Shazam quickly became a popular service soon after it was launched. It lets users identify a song and its artist by listening through a mobile device’s microphone and matching it to a song database. Shazam has more than 90 million monthly users and already steers millions of song downloads through iTunes.

According to a new report by Bloomberg Apple is going to unveil a new song-discovery feature in iOS 8 thus allowing users to identify songs through their mobile devices without having to launch a separate app. Apple is reportedly partnering with Shazam on this feature which will be integrated in iOS 8. The feature will be integrated similar to how Twitter is baked into iOS, users don’t need to separately download the app in order to post or share. What this means that the Shazam app would no longer be needed on iOS 8 since users will be able to identify songs without it. A source claims that users will also be able to identify songs through Siri by simply saying like “what song is playing.”

Even if it effectively eliminates the need for a Shazam app on iOS 8 the feature will drive a lot of users towards the service. Moreover its likely that users would first have to log in with their Shazam accounts before they’re able to identify songs. This would set up a constant stream of new signups for the service. For Apple it opens up yet another channel for driving iTunes digital music downloads. The company has reportedly been considering various new methods of doing that, it may even be considering launching iTunes for Android.

When contacted by the scribe spokespersons for both Apple and Shazam declined to comment. With Apple due to announce iOS 8 at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 in June its only a matter of time before we know if this integration is really happening. Music lovers will definitely have something to be excited about.

Source: Bloomberg

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