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Apple to launch ‘blockbuster’ iPhone 6 next year, analyst claims

Its not unusual to see analysts predict what Apple is going to launch in the coming year. The latest prediction points towards a “blockbuster” iPhone 6 being released next year.


It really doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that the iPhone 6 is going to be released next year. Apple released the new iPhones just last month, it is obviously going to wait until 2014 to come out with another smartphone. Though the next iPhone is expected to come with major changes, particularly to the design, which has largely remained the same ever since the iPhone 4 came out.

Apple is expected to finally increase the iPhone’s display size from the current four inches. There have already been a lot of rumors that the company is testing iPhones with a number of display sizes, various reports peg the expected display size at 4.8 inches. The display size is definitely going to be a major change that the iPhone 6 is going to bring, apart from expected changes to its design. It is probably one of the aspects which is going to make the iPhone 6 “blockbuster,” as Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster predicts.

Munster also predicts that Apple will release iPhone 6 in summer, 2014. The timeline may seem to be a bit off, seeing as how Apple generally waits one full year to release a flagship smartphone. Its too soon to predict when the iPhone 6 will come out, and so far there haven’t been any leaks concerning the device or its design. Hopefully we’ll hear more about the next iPhone in the coming weeks.

Source: Business Insider

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