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Apple iPhone 6s Plus battery seemingly shrunk from 2,915 to 2,750 mAh

Don’t fret, since real-life endurance is rated the exact same as on last year’s iPhone 6 Plus.


This was a long time coming, and it’s not the least bit shocking, although a few dreamers probably held hope for a cell capacity increase rather than a downgrade until the very last minute. But the fact of the matter is 3D Touch technology adoption required certain build compromises, with both the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus growing thicker and heavier than their predecessors.

Specifically, the new 4.7-inch model measures 7.1 mm in depth and tips the scales at 143 grams, compared to the 6.9 mm waist and 129 grams weight of the iPhone 6. Meanwhile, the 2015 5.5-inch iterative upgrade sizes up at 7.3 mm and weighs in at 192 grams, which is 0.2 mm and 20 grams north of the 6 Plus numbers.

iPhone 6s Plus battery

Furthermore, despite Apple’s complete silence on the matter, we’ve recently discovered the 6s lost 95 mAh battery juice, dropping from a 1,810 tally to 1,715 mAh, and now, an image claiming to show the 6s Plus ticker suggests a similar dip inside the faster, 2 GB RAM-packing iPhablet.

Make that a steeper 165 mAh plunge, from 2,915 to 2,750 mAh, which however should have little to no effect on device autonomy. In fact, Cupertino mentioned right off the bat the iPhone 6s Plus is expected to last just as long as the 6 Plus between charges, namely up to 24 hours in continuous 3G talk time, or 16 days in standby.

How’s that possible with a smaller juicer, as well as a more powerful SoC? The A9 actually holds the key,  also gaining vital energy efficiency, and the iOS 9 platform obviously plays its own part, optimizing everything to squeeze the very last drop of stamina from the 2,750 and 1,715 mAh batteries of the iPhone 6s Plus and 6s.

Sources: Apple Club Taiwan, Redmond Pie

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