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Apple iPhone 6s GFXBench scores suggest best-in-class graphics performance

After the recent GeekBench leak, GFXBench scores for the upcoming Apple iPhone 6s has surfaced online. As you would expect from Apple, graphics performance is absolutely top-notch.

In the past few years we have seen Apple significantly improve GPU performance with each new generation. Going by the leaked GFXBench scores, this year will be no different. According to the info posted on Weibo, the Apple A9 chip in the iPhone 6s achieves 30.3 fps in the GFX Manhattan 1080p offscreen test. For reference, the iPhone 6 Plus manages around 18.9 fps in the same test. Exynos 7420 powered Galaxy devices manage scores between 21 and 26 fps.


In the T-Rex offscreen test, the Apple A9 scores an equally impressive 66 fps. Last year’s iPhone 6 Plus scores around 44.6 fps in the same benchmark. Among Android flagships, it is again the Exynos 7420 powered Galaxy flagships that score the highest at around 59 fps. Overall, it looks like the GPU in the Apple A9 chip will be superior to anything else that is on the market currently.

In addition to the A9 Graphics benchmark, the post on Weibo also revealed the CPU performance of the A9X chipset. Since the iPad Air 3 is not likely to debut this year, it could perhaps be used on the 12.9-inch iPad model. The chip manages to post an impressive 2109 in the single-core test and 5101 in the multi-core test.


Source: Weibo

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