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Apple iPhone 6c now expected out in H1 2016 with full-metal jacket

That’s a surprising suggestion, to say the least, and yet it hails from an esteemed global investment bank and financial advisory services provider.

iPhone 5s

Cupertino first altered its previously predictable iPhone release pace and product strategy back in the fall of 2013, when a plasticky, slightly cheaper 5c model chaperoned the top-shelf 5s to market. Then, late last year, Tim Cook finally gambled on “iPhablets”, and now, it’s almost impossible to assuredly anticipate what’s next.

The safest bet is of course a 6s/6s Plus twosome with higher-res 4.7/5.5-inch displays. But we wouldn’t rule out a direct leap to a 7 moniker, especially if all the recently speculated upgrades pan out. Then there’s the compact, lower class iPhone 6c that refuses to leave the spotlight, despite numerous sources debunking its imminence.

Reckon it doesn’t make a lick of sense for Apple to go back to plastic, given the iPhone 5c was far from a smash hit? Analyst Ange Wu with Jefferies research firm shares your view, recommending savvy investors they buy Foxconn stock before its price explodes.


Why would it do that? Simple, says Wu, thanks to a hefty and unexpected order of metal skeletons for iPhone 6c manufacturing. Apparently, the “extended version of the iPhone 5s”, not 5c will drop in the “first half” of 2016 rocking a tiny 4-inch Retina panel and unibody aluminum chassis.

Needless to highlight this is pure, unfounded gossip at the moment, and even if legit, it could suffer changes over the next six months or so. But we’ll admit we’re intrigued of the unusual prospect of a small-scale iFlagship. After all, size isn’t everything, and seamless pocketability sounds like a key selling point for some, improving the ecosystem’s diversity and choice factors.

Source: Barron’s Asia

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