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Apple iPhone 6 gets thrashed by College Humor, hailed by Steve Wozniak

Apple’s unusually large new handhelds continue to be the subject of great public ridicule, with entertainment outlet College Humor the latest to board the iPhone 6-mocking train, although Cupertino has also found an unlikely supporter in Steve Wozniak.

iPhone 6 parody

Given his background as an Apple co-founding father, but especially his privileged position as a lifetime Apple employee and stockholder, you’d probably expect “The Woz” to always defend his “baby” no matter what.

Yet following a certain stagnation of innovation and technological progress, as perceived by the actual creator and designer of both the Apple I and II computers, Wozniak never shied from criticizing the final few years of Steve Jobs management and the subsequent openers of Tim Cook’s leadership.

Known for his candor and general likability, the inventor, engineer and programmer went on record countless of times these past years to underline his growing adoration of the Android ecosystem, and increasing annoyance with iOS.

At the same time, he continuously kept an open mind and never ruled out a return to that first love he’ll always remember and cherish. And what do you know, it seems winning back Woz’s respect was a simple matter of size. And mobile online payments.

Yes, as it turns out, Wozniak got rid of “all” his Androids once the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus broke cover. Blame Apple Pay and the jumbo-sized, high-res 4.7/5.5-inch displays for the shift, all ye Google aficionados.

But fret not, as this is a guy that probably switches gear every month, so it’s entirely possible Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 will also tickle his fancy soon enough. Give it time, he may grow bored with the hardware limitations of the 1 GB RAM-sporting new iPhones.

Speaking of iPhone 6 flaws, New York-based comedy website College Humor does a splendid job in rounding a few of the most vexing up, showing us a glimpse of an “actually better” device.

You know, one that replaces Apple Maps with Google Maps, that’s compatible with old chargers, doesn’t die on you at 11 percent battery life, and, most importantly, endures contacts with surfaces “harder than a marshmallow”.

Oh, and did I mention the parody video is narrated by Senior VP of Design Jonny Ive? Classic College Humor.

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