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Apple iPhone 5S enters mass production, dual-core processor and NFC confirmed

Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5S has finally entered into mass production, reports Chinese publication Expreview. The report also lists down a few of the confirmed Apple iPhone 5S internal specifications, and they aren’t as impressive as you’d hope for them to be.

iPhone 5S

The next-generation Apple iPhone 5S has finally entered into mass production, confirming our original hunch that the Cupertino company will launch the iOS 7 final bearing Smartphone sometime in early September. The Chinese publication Expreview’s report also includes a bunch of Apple iPhone 5S specifications which they say are confirmed. Sadly, these confirmed specifications aren’t as impressive as we had hoped for.

Apple iPhone 5S confirmed specifications:

  • Faster dual-core processor
  • PowerVR SGX554MP4 quad-core GPU
  • 4-inch (1136 x 640) IGZO display, 326 ppi
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 12 MP rear camera, dual-LED flash
  • NFC, LTE Advanced Network Support
  • Fingerprint-Recognition
  • Apple iOS 7

The iPhone 5S will finally introduce the new (standard) NFC hardware support, which has a cool array of uses from transferring data to helping you make payments. Fingerprint-Recognition seems final, and will most probably be integrated into the ‘Home’ button. The new dual-LED flash falls in line with previous iPhone 5S back cover leaks which showed two holes, for two flashes. While the quad-core GPU (up from the triple core PowerVR SGX544MP3 in the iPhone 5) puts it on par with the Apple iPad 4, we wonder what real-world use it will be off (unless Apple goes ahead and makes their iPhone 5S a pocket game console with game controller add-ons and screen mirroring technology).

Apple iPhone 5S mass production

Sadly, the dual-core processor makes a comeback (first debuted with the iPhone 4S). Although Expreview reports that it will be faster, we would still have fancied a much faster quad-core processor. We don’t understand the logic behind this. Upgrade the GPU but keep the display resolution fixed (although IGZO should help reduce power consumption), upgrade to 2 GB of RAM and a bigger camera but leave out the CPU to be a dual-core (so 2011). Thankfully, the refined iOS operating system (iOS 7 with the iPhone 5S) would work flawlessly despite the phone not having the latest and the greatest number of cores (as we’ve seen from past experience).

We look ahead to the future iPhones, perhaps with a 4.5-inch display onboard. The iPhone 5S? I’ll give it a pass.

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