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Apple iPhone 5S ‘Blue Screen of Death’ error being reported by many users

The “Blue Screen of Death” error has been popularized by Windows but now, users of Apple’s latest.smartphone, the iPhone 5S, complain that they’ve been encountering a similar error on their smartphones.

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This isn’t the first iPhone 5S issue that has been widely reported. Despite the fact that it has only been available for little under a month now, a lot of users have complained about a number of issues. Some users have complained that their iPhone 5S units are bending backwards, while others claim that the motion sensors aren’t entirely accurate. This one is quite different though, it seems to be associated with a software bug of some kind.

Apple’s official support forums are slowly filling up with complaints from users who are encountering the BSOD on the iPhone 5S. Apparently the issue most commonly occurs when the free iWork suite of apps provided with the iPhone 5S are used. A video has been posted online which shows off the issue in action, in that particular instance it triggers when the user decides to multitask between the iWork applications. In a real world scenario, for someone who does a lot of work in the iWork apps, this issue can prove to be quite a nuisance.

[youtube id=”DNw457joq5I” width=”620″ height=”360″]

The issue certainly seems to be widespread, though Apple is yet to officially comment on it and make some sort of a statement regarding when users can expect the issue to be fixed. It would probably be fixed through a firmware update as this seems like a glitch in the software.

Source: Forbes

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