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Apple iPhone 5C shows its face again, September 20 launch date nearly set in stone

You’ll have to be pretty secluded from civilization to have never heard of Apple’s iPhone 5C to this point, but if you’re not yet fed up with seeing the upcoming “budget” iPhone maidenly smiling for the camera ahead of its formal intro, we have a real treat for you today.

iPhone 5C

EvLeaks, which just happens to be the most notorious and trustworthy source of leaks in the mobile business, has earlier today brought to light two new iPhone 5C pics, which look like the closest thing to official press shots we’ve got in a while. You know, since that actual presser got uncovered.

A recap of all the iPhone 5C images that have hit the mainstream media of late is likely futile, but you probably need something to make the waiting more bearable, so here it goes. The (not so) cheap iPhone’s rear housing was caught on camera in yellow, then in white, then in pink and bright green, then finally in black.

The handheld has also been spied on its full glory (as in not just from the back), first next to the iPhone 5 and 5S and then all by itself, in blue and white. By the by, do you know a clone is already in the works over in China and might land at around the same time as the actual iOS-powered phone? I know, hilarious!

iPhone 5C-2

But let’s stay focused and remember to mention that, while Apple managed to keep a tighter lid on iPhone 5C’s specs and features, these seem to have at long last spilled.

Which brings us to today’s story. A two-parter, actually, the first of which is that photo from way above, a fairly self-explanatory and straightforward affair. It’s a white iPhone 5C, chaperoned by a bumper and bright-colored plastic case and that’s all there is.

As for the second part of our report, that’s a little more intriguing, as it includes another self-explanatory pic, this time showing off the 5C alongside a more elegant, premium-looking cover, but also a strong hint of the device’s launch date.

Apparently, Case-Mate, which are the makers of these iPhone accessories, estimate they’ll be able to start shipping the covers on September 20, at 8 AM. That’s very specific. Almost too specific and therefore likely not a coincidence.

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