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Apple iPhone 5 rumored to have a 4-inch display

Apple iPhone 5

Despite various new smartphones announced at Mobile World Congress, Apple is still getting a lot of eyeball on its upcoming iPhone 5. Apparently, the Apple iPhone 5 is rumored to incorporate a 4-inch touchscreen display and powered by the ARM Cortex-A9-based A5 dual-core processor.

According to various news sources, Apple was said to be unveiling a lower priced iPhone Nano and that the rumored iPhone 5 may sport a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen display and powered by Cortex-A9-based A5 dual-core processor.

In fact, rumor of the larger screen size has existed for a few months now, with the first version being a 3.7-inch as compared to the iPhone 4's 3.5-inch display. The rumored news source came from the same parts manufacturer who recently claims that the iPhone 5 is likely to be a 4-inch screen instead.

With various phone manufacturers putting dual-core processor on their devices, Apple is going with the next-generation Cortex A5 dual-core processor. From iTunes code, Apple will incorporate Qualcomm chip in the iPhone 5 . It is likely to be Qualcomm's new dual-mode 3G chip which supports CDMA/GSM dual-mode 3G network, or that the dual mode means 3G/4G network support.

Source: imobile.com.cn

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