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Apple iPhone 4 on fire, twice

In two bizarre  accounts, two separate Apple iPhone 4 ignited themselves in dangerous proximity to users, but ultimately causing nothing more than the inconvenience of losing the phone and some disruptions of the moment. Will Apple find out if this is just a duo of accidents or a flaw in manufacture process?  

Apple’s iPhone 4 is hot, by every sense of the word. In one week, two iPhone 4 have been reported to combust spontaneously, but luckily no one was hurt. In the latest incident, a lady by the name of Ayla Mota had her iPhone charging as she slept, when the phone suddenly released sparks and smoke. While the phone was dangerously close to her, she was awakened quickly enough and resolved the situation before any harm came to her.

Just a few days before, a similar situation occurred onboard a flight in Australia, which was dealt with by the flight attendant promptly, ensuring that no one was hurt. It seems a little too close to be taken as coincidence, but it is good to keep in mind that Apple’s iPhone 4 has one of the largest market share in the world, so this statistics amount to nothing more than one-off incidents. While the Cupertino company has yet to make a public statement about the incidents, it can be expected that thorough investigation and compensation be carried out.

 Source: Digital Trends



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