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Apple iPad Pro display suppliers secured: Sharp and Samsung

A little bird, i.e. so-called “industry insiders”, tell us Cupertino’s long rumored 12.9-inch iPad plans are finally evolving, with a commercial launch likely slated for early next year.

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It’s not fall yet, which probably explains why things are so quiet on the iPad reboot front, but then what’s up with the onslaught of iPhone 6s/6s Plus gossip? Simple – tablets seem to be going the way of the dodo… and conventional PCs, mostly hurt by the rapid rise of phablets and inherent inability to bring novelties and innovations to the table.

Yes, that includes the lackluster iPad Air 2 and Mini 3, possibly due for another serving of incremental upgrades by 2015’s end, but generally doomed. The family’s saving grace? A gargantuan, uber-productive, Surface Pro 3-rivaling iPad Pro, aka iPad Plus model.

The former name must ring a bunch of bells, seeing as how it’s been periodically mentioned on the down low for the past… 20 months or so, and word around the water cooler now is the R&D process nears completion, with mass manufacturing nigh.

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We wouldn’t rule out checking the multitasker champ in the flesh as soon as September, alongside next-gen iPhones, though the more credible ETA is spring of 2016. Oddly, the huge 12 to 13-inch Retina panel isn’t expected to break resolution records, at roughly 2,732 x 2,048 pixels stemming a familiar 4:3 aspect ratio and 264 ppi, if the exact 12.9-inch footprint pans out.

Still, given Sharp and Samsung are reportedly in charge of screen production, we anticipate pretty, well, sharp images and videos generated for always on the move media consumers. Both component suppliers have enjoyed fruitful collaborations with Apple before, despite the latter’s competitive edge, and LG was also in the running for this lucrative contract, but ultimately lost due to yield issues.

Third place may score you a medal in certain races, yet here, LG ended up with nothing. Oh, well, perhaps the iPad Pro will flop, since it’s the kind of hybrid mobile and desktop computing enthusiasts tend to jointly reject.

Sources: G for Games, TechNews Taiwan

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