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Apple iOS 13.5 Boosts Passcode Unlock, Contact Tracing App Support For COVID-19

iOS 13.5 brings face mask and contact tracing app improvements

Apple’s reputation for timely and accessible software updates have come through for iPhone users with the introduction of iOS 13.5 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we prepare to reopen our countries in stages, face masks and contact tracing apps will be part and parcel of our daily lives in order to contain and monitor the disease. Apple’s iOS 13.5 software update will equip your iPhone with improvements to make these new lifestyle habits easier.

Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone 11 Pro Max relies on Face ID for security. Image: Ian Ling

Flagship options from the 2017 iPhone X onwards have relied on Apple’s Face ID for security. With most opting to wear face masks while outdoors, iOS 13.5 now speeds up access to the passcode field for quicker access.

Contact tracing apps by public health authorities like Singapore’s TraceTogether can now also take advantage of the new Exposure Notification API to track physical contact with potential carriers and push notifications to users.

To access these vital features, go to settings > general > Software update to manually install the update. The full list of updates that come with iOS 13.5 can be found here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210393#135

During this outbreak, Apple had also channelled some profits from its 2nd generation iPhone SE to international COVID-19 response.

Ian Ling
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4 thoughts on “Apple iOS 13.5 Boosts Passcode Unlock, Contact Tracing App Support For COVID-19

  1. Pman

    Denmark i think make its own APP, and so it might be ready sometime after a vaccine are released, or in layman’s terms in a few years.
    Personally i would rather puke my guts out and infect every one i care about than have the Danish government spy more on me than they already do. ( which is far too much )
    I cant even go get tested cuz that necessitate some government digital BS i do not have.

    Thats how far me and my country are from each other.

  2. Michele

    This is timely and interesting update from Apple. Hoping this really works and will help lessen the spread by locating the infected persons location for further prevention of transmission. Thanks for this post! Keep it up! sidingspringfieldva.com

  3. Mike888

    Hope this will be effective in contact tracing! https://columbiatowingservice.com

  4. Rhey

    Great app! Hopefully this can help trace all persons in contact with the suspect to be isolated and prevent further transmissions. https://plumbingchantillyva.com

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