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Apple could integrate AR features to the next iPhone camera

Image Courtesy: Gabor Balogh

Confirming some recent reports, a new report published by Bloomberg today claims Apple is actively working on various AR products, including AR glasses that will wirelessly connect to an iPhone and deliver all sorts of info and content to the wearer.

The AR glasses, as you can imagine, will take a long time to arrive. In the near future however, Apple is planning to integrate augmented reality features to its iPhone models. Apple has apparently directed some members from the iPhone camera team to work on AR-related features for the next iPhones. While specific details haven’t been revealed yet, some examples of AR features on the iPhone could include the ability to take a picture and change the depth of the photo or specific objects in the photo, isolating an object such as a person’s head in an image, as well as placing effects and objects on a person. All of these features will rely on depth sensing technology, using algorithms from PrimeSense, an Israeli firm that Apple acquired in 2013.

While AR may not be as popular as VR right now, it is expected to gain popularity in the coming years according to many analysts. According to Global Market Insights, the market for AR products is expected to touch $165 billion by 2024. In the future, analysts believe dedicated AR devices will replace the iPhone.

Source: Bloomberg Technology

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