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Apple Holding Press Conference On iPhone 4 This Friday


Apple has announced they will be holding a press conference this Friday concerning the iPhone 4 which has been getting a lot of criticism over the reception problem. No details were given, but it is likely the company have solutions to solve this issue.

Apple is holding a press conference this Friday, with regards to the iPhone 4. Ever since the launch of the phone in June, it has gotten criticism over its reception problems due to the phone’s antenna design. And despite having a software update that helps to correct the signal strength indicator, it still doesn’t fix the problem.

Many speculate that the company may have found a solution to the reception problem, thus the holding of press conference. Consumer Reports, a product review magazine, has said that enclosing the iPhone 4 in a “bumper” case would eliminate reception problems. Probably Apple is offering such free case to consumers?

Or perhaps the company intends to do a recall of the phones which seems very unlikely, as the phone is selling very well in stores.

Well, we can only wait and see when Friday comes (or Saturday morning for us here in Singapore).


Source: Wall Street Journal

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