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Apple has a functional iPhone 6 with iOS 7 prototype already?

Apple is purported to have an iPhone 6 with iOS 7 already in the making.  There are no "physical" leaks, but a device tagged with the "iPhone 6,1" identifier was spotted making a request with an IP from within Apple's Cupertino campus. 

Tech gadgets become out dated so quick that it’s almost impossible to buy something and be able to brag about it for more than a month after its initial launch.  Apple fanatics are not exception to that rule, because once the iPhone 5 broke loose for public consumption everyone knew that an iPhone 6 was already on the table. 

The Next Web has reported that a device dubbed the “iPhone 6,1” sporting “iOS 7” made a request from an IP that was within Apple’s Cupertino campus.  The latest iPhone made its debut back in late September and Apple really knew how to stir up hype for their flagship smartphone.  Leaks upon leaks churned out of many microblogging sites, and for the most part the rumors and leaks were spot on and were confirmed when Apple finally lifted the lid on the iPhone 5.

A leak from the supply chain is one thing, but leaks and rumors from inside Apple itself are very sketchy.  Let’s face it, Apple knows marketing and as consumers you’re either caught up in the hype or you’re a doubter—but either way there’s no arguing that Apple’s marketing is top notched.  The “leak” from within Apple could just be a stunt drawn up by the marketing department to up people’s anticipation for the next Apple creation, but who really knows.  What we do know, however, is that sooner or later parts and spot on concepts of the iPhone 6 will get blasted all over the internet.

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