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Apple founding father Steve Wozniak bashes new iPads, says they don’t hit his needs

More bad news for Apple following the whole YouTube video “borrowing” without author consent debacle? It sure seems like it, as the inventor of both the Apple I and Apple II computers has confessed the freshly unveiled iPads failed to impress him.


Steve Wozniak, who’s still considered by many a much more central figure for Cupertino’s early success than the legendary Steve Jobs, was apparently on a plane when the iPad Air and Mini 2 were introduced, so he didn’t actually give Tim Cook a chance to woo him with his marketing mumbo-jumbo.

Yet it probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference if the Woz had caught the keynote, since his number one concern can’t be patched with words. And no, it has nothing to do with Touch ID fingerprint recognition technology missing from the Air.

Or with Apple choosing to not upgrade key elements of last year’s iPad 4, like the screen and cameras. Or with the inevitable battery size reduction forced by the thing’s incredible design transformations.

Steve Wozniak

Instead, the primary reason the iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina didn’t “hit” the inventor/engineer/programmer’s needs was their meager storage. Erm, you know, meager by Wozniak’s standards, because both pads will go up for sale in 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB memory options, the last of which you’d think would be more than enough for any sane non-eccentric tech geek.

Not for the Woz though, who was craving a 256 GB model. What for, you ask? It seems the guy is a huge fan of “The Big Bang Theory” and wanted to be able to take every episode of the series along on the road. No, really.

Oh, yeah, and apparently he doesn’t have broadband at home (wut?) because of his “lousy phone company”, which is yet another reason he’d have found a perfect use for that massive NAND flash. Sounds like Microsoft may actually sell one of those prohibitively priced 256 or 512 GB Surfaces after all.

Source: Yahoo News

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