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Apple faces class action lawsuit because of iOS 8

It is claimed that the company misrepresented how much storage the iOS 8 update requires on a device.


Apple is now looking at another class action lawsuit because it has been accused of misrepresenting how much storage iOS 8 requires on a supported device. The issue lies with 8 and 16GB devices which don’t have much onboard storage to begin with. The lawsuit claims that this update uses an “unexpectedly large percentage” of the storage on the aforementioned models, leaving behind little for users’ apps, games and other content.

According to the calculations made in the lawsuit as much as 18.1 percent storage on a 16GB iPhone 5s is taken up by iOS 8. On iPhone 6 Plus this number balloons to 20.6 percent. This is the premise of this lawsuit which was filed in a California court on behalf of plaintiffs Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara.

It is further said that “reasonable consumers” would not have expected the update to take up such a large amount of space on their device, and their calculations show that each GB of storage that’s taken up is equal to 500 high-resolution photos.

Apple is also accused of using this to its advantage as it then gets to push customers towards its cloud storage, 5GB of which is offered for free, and there are monthly subscription plans for additional cloud storage.

The lawsuit says Apple has violated California’s Unfair Competition Law, False Advertising Law and the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act. The plaintiffs seek an order from the court binding Apple to pay restitution to affected users, and “engage in a corrective notice campaign.”

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