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Apple expected to make TV related announcement later this year, possibly by November

There have been a lot of rumors over the past few months regarding Apple’s push into the TV industry. As per a new rumor, Apple might make a TV related announcement later this year, perhaps by November, which would be just around the holiday season.


Apple’s current TV offering is a set-top box, a refreshed version of which was launched late last year. Since then we have heard countless rumors that Apple might be producing a full fledged TV set of its own, but there’s been no indication or confirmation of that from the company itself. MG Siegler, a well connected writer, has heard chatter that Apple will be making a significant push in the television niche this fall, though he says that he doesn’t know exactly what this product might be.

Since Siegler hasn’t heard enough to write a piece on, he won’t speculate that perhaps Apple really is working on a full fledged HDTV set.He says that this product might not necessarily be a TV screen, but adds that it might come out as soon as November. He adds that there might be a couple of surprises related with that product, particularly about how people would interact with it. Previous rumors regarding Apple’s TV set suggest that Siri-like voice based interaction might be added, though Siegler believes that it won’t be voiced based, rather it would be something new, an entirely different way of interacting with the TV.

We’re still a long way from November, so hopefully we’ll hear more about this mystery product in the coming weeks, if it really does exist. Apple is also expected to launch new models of both the iPad and iPad mini in November as well.

Source: [Business Insider]

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