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Apple Releases Latest Line of … ASMR Videos?

Apple is known for its innovative marketing campaigns – everything from the “1984” Super Bowl TV commercial to the “Silhouette” iPod campaign. This year, the advertising folks have come up with a completely new strategy, one that would perfectly draw Millenials: ASMR videos.

Apple’s cleverly-branded SMR videos take you across a variety of settings.

These marketing videos were shot by Anson Fogel, a commercial, film and television director and one of the owners of a small production company called Camp4 Collective based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

ASMR, which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, refers to the tingling sensation that occurs along one’s spine in response to auditory stimuli like whispering and other non-verbal sound cues – like the falling rain in the video above, or crunching gravel underfoot in the one below.

Shot on the company’s flagship iPhone Xs and Xs Max devices, the series of ASMR videos shot by Fogel brings a whole new dimension of the company’s iconic Shot on iPhone billboards. With competitors like Google and Huawei closing the gap in terms of image quality for stills, the iPhone still rules the roost in terms of high-quality video and stereo audio recording capability.

All the videos showcase in some form the iPhone’s ability to record directional audio, while accurately representing the acoustics, timbre and tone of the sounds.

Perhaps the most spine-tingling of the videos is the one titled Whispers from Ghost Forest.

Also recorded on iPhone, the video features a woman whispering a story close to the device. The outcome is audio that is very much alike to that produced by binaural recording systems that use a model of a human’s head to record directional sound.

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