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Apple cuts price on the refurbished Apple TV, now costs $75

It has been noted today that Apple has silently cut the price of its refurbished Apple TV set-top box. The device can now be purchased for $75, previously it used to be sold for $85.


The cut comes merely days after Google launched Chromecast, which is a HDMI dongle that essentially provides similar features as the Apple TV. The kicker here is the price, a new Apple TV costs $99, whereas a new Chromecast dongle only costs $35. Granted that Apple TV is a full fledged set-top box that is capable of doing much more than Chromecast is capable of, but one can’t help but notice Apple make a subtle move to remain competitive in this particular market.

Chromecast lets users “cast” content from their mobile device or computers over Wi-Fi to the computer. This is similar to AirPlay, which is restricted only to Apple mobile devices and computers. One of the reasons most customers would go for Chromecast is that it is not limited to a specific set of devices. Nevertheless, Apple is continuing work on the Apple TV. Only recently it seeded firmware 5.4 beta 3 which brings a host of new improvements to the device.

A lot more related to TV is expected to come out of Apple. There have been rumors that the company might be working on a full fledged HD TV as well, for now its only offering in this market is the Apple TV. Refurbished units are only sold through Apple’s online store.

Source: [Macrumors]

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