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Apple crushes quarterly financial predictions, sells 61 million iPhones in three months

Cupertino’s splendid box-office form was also fueled by record March quarter Mac sales and all-time App Store record performance.

Apple money

You know how most tech consumer product manufacturers tend to do solid business around the holidays, then settle for a fraction of profits in the ensuing fiscal quarter? Well, Apple’s not just any OEM, as we’re certain you suspected already, and the outfit’s latest earnings report proves there’s no stopping Tim Cook’s cash-making machine.

During the holidays, after the holidays, before the holidays, be it spring, summer, fall or winter, iGear sells like better than hotcakes, regardless of the competition’s innovations and experiments.

Granted, January – March 2015 iPhone shipments shrunk compared to the October – December 2014 period, but only by around 13 million units. Specifically, from a mind-bending 74.4 mil to a more than respectable 61.1M.

In fact, 61 million is a new Q2 record and exceeds what seemed like optimistic projections by a whopping 10M or so. Year-on-year, the growth is even more impressive, as the second quarter of 2014, which is the formal designation for the January – March 2014 timeframe, brought Apple a “modest” 43.7 million iPhone sales tally.

iPhone 6 money

It almost goes without saying China was the main catalyst behind the surge, as the territory somehow posted financial gains even sequentially. Yes, ladies and gents, Q2 2015 revenue in the world’s largest handheld market neared $17 billion, up from $16.1B in Q1. Unbelievable!

Of course, the Americas remain the biggest overall earners of this unstoppable juggernaut, with China now in second place and Europe a close third. iPhones alone accounted for more than two thirds of the company’s total money intake, namely $40 billion of $58 billion.

The Mac and “services” segments both delivered marginal yearly increases, with the latter also a standout performer sequentially and all-time record breaker. If there’s a division Apple needs to worry about, it’s definitely iPads, with unit sales and revenue in a major slump compared to Q1 2015 and, yes, Q2 2014 as well.

Could we be witnessing the death of tablets and PC revival? Also, how will the Apple Watch impact the manufacturer’s next quarterly results? It’s too early for answers, although Cupertino is optimistic for the latter, anticipating an “exciting June quarter with the launch of Apple Watch.”

Source: Apple PR

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