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Apple could be developing a new multitouch Bluetooth remote

So hints code found inside the preview build of OS X El Capitan.


Apple has already seeded a beta build of OS X El Capitan, its next update for Macs, and there’s code present in the build which hints at the possibility of Apple building a new multitouch Bluetooth remote. A new remote could also be used with a new Apple TV set-top box which has already been rumored multiple times, Apple was actually expected to unveil the set-top box at its previous event but it didn’t have a new Apple TV back then.

The code is present in a file titled “AppleBluetoothRemote.kext,” and it reportedly contains references to a new remote with an integrated Bluetooth module, support for audio recording and playback as well as a multitouch trackpad.

Previous reports have suggested that Apple might launch a new Bluetooth remote whenever it launches a new Apple TV set-top box, so the code found in the recent beta of OS X El Capitan reiterates that possibility.

It would then make sense for the remote to have audio support because the new Apple TV is expected to have Siri built-in, which would require a remote to have a microphone if the user is to interact with the virtual assistant using voice commands.

Apple has not said anything as yet about a new Apple TV so far, so even if the code has been found it’s far from clear right now when this new remote could see the light of day.

Source: AppleInsider

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