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Apple considering Chinese consumers’ tastes in product design

All gold everything.


China is a very significant market for Apple, to put things in perspective, consider that the People’s Republic accounts for 29% of the company’s revenue. There’s no doubt in the fact that Apple is paying special attention to China and it has been revealed by the CEO himself that the company is now taking into account the tastes of Chinese consumers when designing new products.

Before the iPhone 5s was announced it was rumored multiple times that the new smartphone will come with a gold color option, something which Apple has never done before. The reason cited in rumors was that owing to the color’s popularity in China, Apple is going to go with it for the new iPhone. It most certainly did.

It didn’t stop with the iPhone. Apple then brought the gold color option over to the iPad and just a couple of months ago it released a brand new MacBook which also comes in the gold color option. It goes without saying that this was the result of Apple’s aim to satisfy the demand of Chinese consumers who have responded in kind by purchasing the company’s products in astronomical volumes.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the company is considering Chinese consumers’ tastes while designing products which is why the gold color is being featured across its entire lineup. This just might help Apple hold on to its market share in the country against up and coming rivals like Xiaomi.

Source: Bloomberg

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