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Apple confirms iOS 7 iPhone iMessage bug will be fixed via firmware update

Apple has finally acknowledged the iOS 7 iPhone iMessage bug that has been the source of nuisance for many users. It says that the bug will be fixed through a firmware update.


It was reported a couple of days ago that many iMessage users on iPhones running iOS 7 were complaining about the service not working. The bug doesn’t let messages be delivered, those on the receiving end obviously do not receive them. Furthermore, the bug also does not allow iMessage messages to be sent via SMS, a feature that has been put in place as a contingency should Apple’s servers go down.

Apple has issued a formal statement, saying that it is aware of the issue that affects a “fraction of a percent” of its iMessage users. The company says that it will have a fix available in the upcoming software update. Apple also apologizes for inconvenience that this bug has caused its users. It is rumored that the next iOS 7 update may just be around the corner. Recently it was claimed that Apple has seeded iOS 7.0.3 to its partners and employees and that it will publicly release the update sometime next week. iOS 7.0.3 is expected to bring a number of bug fixes.

In the meantime, those who are affected by the iOS 7 iPhone iMessage bug can check out the temporary fix. While it is still a temporary fix, it gets the iMessage service up and running again for the time being.

Source: WSJ

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