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Apple confirms date of WWDC Keynote Presentation

Apple has confirmed that the date of their WWDC keynote will be June 10. This is where they are expected to unveil iOS 7, which is rumored to be a notable overhaul in certain areas.

In an announcement that was obviously expected, Apple has confirmed that their WWDC Keynote presentation will be held on Monday June 10th at the Moscone Center. As usual, this is the first day of the conference. The company hasn’t confirmed who will speak at the keynote, but I think it’s fair to speculate that we’ll see Tim Cook on stage at some point, as well as several other Apple executives. It remains to be seen whether the elusive Jony Ive will take the stage or only show up in video form to explain his vision behind iOS 7.

That is really the most important part of all of this. Jony Ive has taken over as the person who will decide the overall direction of iOS from this point forward, and iOS 7 is rumored to be a significant change in direction for Apple. It is well known that he is not a fan of skeuomorphism in design, which is the emulation of real life objects  you may have noticed inside certain apps, for instance yellow lined paper in the notepad, or the green felt found inside the Game Center app, and so on.

It is rumored that Ive is more of a fan of modern flat-looking design. Of course you shouldn’t expect something as flat as Windows Phone’s live tiles, but something leaning toward that style over the bubbly app icons they have in use now. It remains to be seen what other changes there will be to the actual functionality of the operating system as a whole, but it’s important that people keep their expectations in check, because Apple has repeatedly stated in the past that they will not make any large changes all at once, which have the potential to confuse existing users of their devices.
With that said, expectations are still running high, and June 10 cannot come any sooner; let’s just hope that many surprises await.

Source: AllThingsD

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