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Apple clamps down on Wirelurker

Its the malware that broke through the iPhone’s perfect safety record.


iPhone fans have long pointed towards the rampant spread of malware on Android as one of the problems that they do not face on their Apple smartphones. Wirelurker is a new malware that broke through the iPhone’s perfect security record. It became widely reported over the past week as people found out that Wirelurker could be transmitted from a Mac OS X machine to an iOS device over USB.

The malware was described by Palo AltoNetworks as one that monitors any iOS device connected to Mac over USB and then it installs downloaded third party applications or automatically generated malicious applications on the device. It does not matter if the target device is jailbroken or not, that security vulnerability is not required for Wirelurker to do its thing.

Apple has been quick to respond to this malware and is now taking steps to stop its spread. In a statement released to the Wall Street Journal, Apple describes that this malware is available for a download site primarily aimed towards users in China. Apple is now blocking applications available on that download site, as well as applications found to have the Wirelurker malware, in order to stop the spread.

Keep in mind though that applications downloaded through the official Mac App Store are clean and do not pose a risk, since Apple screens all those applications for such malware. However if you depend upon torrents or third party stores, this risk is always present.

Source: WSJ

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